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glFusion Founders

gl Labs was originally started by Mark Evans as a support site for plugins he had created for the Geeklog CMS. He was soon joined by Eric who had been making themes for Geeklog, and together they began to quickly expand the site's offerings.

After a time, they decided the best way to further their vision of a modern CMS was to create glFusion. They are strong believers that open discussion and collaborative development increase the quality of glFusion's projects, and that drives their development philosophy today.

Mark R. Evans

Mark R. Evans  Mark hails from the great state of Texas. He has always enjoyed software development but professionally he doesn't get to play with the bits and bytes anymore. glFusion has provided a great opportunity to stay involved in the technical development arena.

Personally, Mark and his wonderful wife, Kathryn, have 5 kids ranging from 19 down to 7 year old twins. Believing every child should have a pet, he also has 5 dogs. While family keeps him very busy, he finds time to continue to code and work with glFusion. When not pursuing the coding hobby, Mark also enjoys SCUBA diving (Master Diver), Amateur Radio (W5ARA), and participating in community activities. Between the family and the hobbies, he keeps pretty busy, but wouldn't have it any other way.

Eric Warren (retired)

Eric enjoying a sunset out on the waterEric aka “Geiss” Warren, lives in his own private Idaho, and enjoys website/software development and graphic design.

A hospital I.S. guy by day, with a degree in Film and Digital Media (don't ask! …nobody ever ends up doing what they went to school for these days! ;-)), Eric has found that he can flex his creative muscles by providing themes and development ideas to the glFusion community. While a PHP coding novice, he is fairly competent in pure (x)html markup and css.

When not sitting in front of the computer, Eric can be found either on the golf course, hunting in the rough for his ball, or on the lake with friends and family, whipping them around behind his boat.

Community Members

If you are a glFusion contributor, or have a project and use the resources here at glFusion, feel free to post a little information about yourself so others can get to know you. Please keep the listing in alphabetical order.

Marco Belmonte

Marco BelmonteBefore Marco became a full time evangelist for he had worked for Global Media Corporation where he was employee #9 and hired as the Network Engineering Manager. When it was all done, Marco's division had grown to 30+ people, the company was listed on the NASDAQ, a network operations center monitoring a global broadcasting network had been built and his team had been featured in the January 2000 issue of Linux Journal and had won the “Best Overall Linux Solution Award” at Comdex Fall in Las Vegas where Marco accepted a plaque on behalf of Global Media from Linus Torvalds. Marco was now worth about $1.5 million. Marco is great at building things. He also is great at blowing them up. 4 months later he was broke, jobless and the company had declared bankruptcy.

Marco is married to his wife Stacie and has the privilege of being a positive influence in the life of her two beautiful daughters, Jessica (15) and Catherine (8).

Jason Hackwith

Jason HackwithJason Hackwith is the owner of Firewind Productions, a design/consultancy firm in Lewiston, Idaho providing a wide range of design, marketing, training, and consulting services to creatives, businesses, ministries, and non-profit organizations. Jason has been designing since 1994 and began building websites in 1996.

In his spare time, Jason is the fiddle player for Wanigan (a progressive bluegrass/folk band) and enjoys writing & recording music, writing poetry, drawing and illustrating. He has two cats: Marari, an orange tabby male who thinks he's a dog; and Mysti, a female long-hair also known as GhostCat for her ability to disappear (even with a bell on her collar); and a cheeky dwarf hamster named Reepicheep.

Mark Howard

Mark HowardMark, aka 'mst3kroqs' hails from sunny Cary, just outside of Research Triange Park in North Carolina. Mark has over 25 years experience in the I/T industry, and has had multiple opportunities to support software development efforts in the past, ranging from the development of ECM (electro-countermeasure) software for military radar systems, to his open source development work in support of the initial Redhat Linux distribution. Mark also contributed to the development of ZModem, an error-correcting file transfer protocol used to transfer files over lo-speed asynchronous lines.

Mark is multiply-certified in the security disciplines, and carries CISSP, GIAC Gold, CISM, CISA and a number of other security certifications, and by day is a global security program manager for a really big company that has three letters in it's name. <wink> He is also the principal in Usable Web, LLC, and in this role enjoys harnessing the energy of college students seeking educational internship opportunities to deliver user-friendly, web-based intranet and internet content management solutions to small-to-medium sized businesses using glFusion and other really kewl tools.

Mark is very happily married to his beautiful wife Joan of 27 years. When he's not hunched over a keyboard, he also enjoys spending time with his four children, ranging in age from 13 to 32 years, two grandchildren, aged 5 & 10, and loves to fish, fly small planes, and of course contribute to the ongoing development of glFusion.

Alex North

Alex, aka “DeadEd” has been using Geeklog for many years on various sites and has always wanted to do something to help out but lacks PHP skills, has a reasonable amount of his own Java based projects (and uses this as an excuse not to do anything else), and is also easily distracted by shiny things ;-) The opportunity finally came to take something familiar (Java IRC bots) and help out by running one for this project. There will probably be some GL specific plugins for the PPF bot made to help support this even better.

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